The Daily ‘UK Edition’ gets a quite soft launch

Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only newspaper, which launched back in February, has been quietly released to UK readers. According to The Guardian, although there was no official launch date it seems to have been available for over a week.

And it’s been getting mixed reviews – mainly because of the lack of localised content. The paper still contains US-based stories, including reports on US politics, current affairs and a two-week trial offer from Verizon Wireless – a business that does not have a UK consumer offering.

Ads are also US-centric, advertising Fox TV shows and a 4G smartphone. Anyone notice our Gs only go up to three?

It seems a strange tactic to try and woo a new perspective audience, especially from a media mogul with so much experience. So strange in fact, you have to wonder if this is really an actual launch or simply testing the water for something more tailored to the UK. The Wall Street Journal doesn’t just slap ‘Europe’ on the end of its header and hope for the best – so why is The Daily any different?

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