My year of events!

Throughout the past few months I’ve attended so many events. I’ve been meaning to blog about each of them but haven’t had a chance to write it all up. So I thought I’d do an events all-in-one blog post and update it regularly.

Taylor Bennett Foundation meet-up

The first event of the year for me was the Taylor Bennett Foundation meet-up. The Taylor Bennett Foundation is an award-winning PR training and internship programme exists to encourage BAME graduates to pursue a career in PR. As an alumnus of the foundation, I go along to meet with interns old and new and get a chance to network with partnered companies and media. These meet-ups happen every 2-3 months and is a brilliant opportunity to share experiences in the PR world and network.

CIPR Social media conference

I also had the privilege of attending CIPR’s social media conference in April. At the event, several speakers from the PR and related industries like journalism came together to share their thoughts on social media’s prowess and its increasing influence on people.

The day as whole was really interesting and was good to hear best practices and examples of companies using social media effectively. However, there was one issue that every attendee was looking for an answer to – how do you measure actual sentiment? Unfortunately the question remained unanswered.

Nonetheless, CIPR’s social media conference highlighted that it’s not only people that need to adopt social media but businesses in order to remain open and competitive in their field.

IPv6: What’s all the fuss about?

On Monday (24th October 2011) my colleague Austin and I went to an interesting event on basically the future of the Internet.  The event was titled “IPv6 What’s all the fuss about?” and was organised by the Chartered Institute of IT.  The orchestrator of the key note speech was Nigel Titley, Chairman of the Executive Board, RIPE NCC.

The event was really interesting and it highlighted the importance of IPv6 adoption and how it would impact us on a day-to-day. Nigel covered most of the key issues around IPv6 adoption, and even went back to the basics of how the issue came about.

If you want know more about IPv6, then do check out the IPv6 Act Now website or follow the event hashtag.

Author: Nahidur Rahman

PR professional

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