UK Police: “We’re using ‘common sense’ approach to Twitter”

Following last week’s ups and downs for Twitter, or more specifically downs, the micro-blogging / social upheaval platform has resolved the legal cases for the short term.  Twitter’s legal issues seem to have taken on bus-like properties, with three coming along at once.

Despite the increasing amount of legal questions Twitter users are causing, police chiefs in the UK are rejecting calls for new legislation to deal with online abuse. According to The Guardian, the Association of Chief Police Officers (or Acpo for acronym fans) believes “problems may eventually be resolved by the microblogging website itself.”

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today Programme, chief constable of Cumbria Stuart Hyde reportedly stated a “common sense” approach to Twitter trolls is what the Police should be aiming for. This will avoid officers being “dragged off the streets to deal with frivolous complaints”.

He continues “It is important to look at the whole context. It is not just about one tweet, it is a whole range of tweets. Look at what the individual has done: is this a concerted attempt to have a go at one individual in a way that passes the threshold for offences against the law? If it is, then clearly we should intervene and do something to stop it.”

Despite a few false starts with Twitter arrests, it seems the Police force is now using the right approach when dealing with Twitter. It’s no longer being treated as some large, unknown virtual world that could be harbouring serious criminals – which can only be a good thing for all Twitter users.

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